The Medical Care Unit is an outpatient unit that provides quality medical and nursing care in the college. A doctor, nurse and a health care assistant provides acute and comprehensive care of a wide variety of medical illnesses to all the students and all the college staff. It aims to strengthen the educational process by improving the health status and health knowledge of the students, faculty and staff of the college.
Medical Care Unit is currently under the care and maintenance of Dr Khamti Kharshiing (Incharge), Dr Sakhina Laloo (Visiting Physician), Miss Lydianora Dohling (Staff Nurse), Miss Pynsuk Mary Lyngdoh (Health care assistant) and Mrs Kwiensibon Nongkhlaw (Cleaner).

1. Provides compassionate, appropriate and effective care and treatment of medical health problems.
2. Learn the cognitive skills necessary for the care provided.
3. Suggest appropriate and cost efficient diagnostic for the evaluation of the patients.
4. Show empathetic towards the patient during their illness.
5. To practice interpersonal and communication skills that results in effective information exchange and teaming with patients.
6. To impart health knowledge to the students and staff regarding minor health problems and ways to prevent them.

On the arrival in MCU, care and treatment is given based on a history of their illness and a brief physical assessment and the neediest patients are seen first.
The following are some of the procedures performed in MCU:
1. A patient attended in MCU has to register in the report book which includes the name, address, date of birth, class, roll number, designation, complaints, finding and treatment and signature of the patient.
2. The Visiting physician will examine the student that need special care and suggest appropriate treatment and investigation if needed.
3. Students who are severely ill or need rest may be released from the college with permission from the principal and the parents or guardians are informed.
4. MCU also acts as a referral unit where any case which cannot be handled in the unit is referred to the nearest hospital.
5. MCU also attends the sick students in the hostel.
6. For students, teaching and non teaching staffs who want to take part in gymnasium, a medical certificate will be provided by the doctor after her physical assessment.
7. MCU also acts as an examination unit where students who are sick during an examination can write their paper in the unit.
8. MCU in collaboration with National Service Scheme (NSS) and Red Ribbon Club (RRC) render medical health care wherever health camp or health awareness is arranged.
9. MCU also arranges special programme for distribution of iron and folic acid to anaemic students and deworming tablets for students.
10. MCU also arranges Blood donation programme in collaboration with other blood banks, NEIGRIHMS, etc.
11. Screening of anaemia is also done by MCU.

Monday to Saturday 08:30 am - 3:00 pm
Visiting physician: Dr. Sakhina Laloo
Consultation Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Consultation time: 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Every Saturday MCU remains closed on account of cleaning the room and sterilizing the equipments. Only emergency case is attended on this day.

Report 2022-2023

  • Screening of Anaemia and distribution of Deworming tablets (click here)